Aligning Engineering Talent with Neural Search

Aligning Engineering Talent with Neural Search

AI-powered talent alignment platform helps companies build high-performing engineering teams with 97% accuracy.

TeamStation AI is an AI-powered talent alignment platform developed by Framework Science, a U.S. software company with operations in Latin America. The platform helps companies build and manage their software engineering teams by accurately aligning candidates' capacity with business objective roles.

TeamStation AI uses a neural search technology called Cherche to match candidates' skills, experience, personality, and behavioral traits with client business objectives. This allows the platform to identify the engineers that are most likely to succeed in a particular role.

How Cherche Works

Cherche is a neural search technology that uses machine learning to understand the nuances and context behind words. Unlike traditional keyword searches, Cherche understands the intent and meaning behind the text.

When matching candidates to roles using TeamStation AI, Cherche:

  • Analyze job descriptions to understand the skills, experience, and traits required for the role

  • Review candidates' resumes, online profiles, and interview responses

  • Uses machine learning to identify patterns that correlate specific skills, experience, and traits with success in the role

Cherche can go beyond keyword matches and identify the candidates likely to be the best cultural and technical fit for the role.

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Assessment Methods

To generate the data needed to train Cherche, TeamStation AI assesses candidates in multiple ways:

  • Resume review using natural language processing (NLP)

  • Online coding challenges to evaluate programming skills

  • Technical interviews to assess in-depth technical knowledge

  • Analysis of interview performance using NLP

  • Checks from previous employers and colleagues

  • Analysis of social media activity

This multi-faceted assessment approach gives Cherche a holistic view of each candidate's skills, experience, personality, and behavioral traits.


By leveraging Cherche's neural search capabilities, TeamStation AI can match engineering talent to client needs with 97% accuracy, according to Framework Science. This high success rate helps companies build teams aligned with their business objectives.

Clients report benefits such as improved hiring efficiency, reduced risk of bad hires, increased access to top talent, and better organizational performance. The platform streamlines the recruitment process and gives companies complete control and transparency.

In summary, using neural search technology to go beyond superficial keyword matching, TeamStation AI can accurately align software engineering resources with client needs. The platform's multi-faceted assessment approach and AI-driven talent matching help companies build high-performing engineering teams.