Is Google upping its chat game?

Google Chat gets a makeover with new features, AI integration, and a modern design.

Is Google upping its chat game?

Google Chat is getting a makeover with a new design, new features, and integration with Google's AI platform, Duet. The unique Chat experience is designed to be more modern, collaborative, and secure.


One of the biggest changes in the new Chat is the new design. The interface is now more streamlined and user-friendly, focusing on making it easier to start and manage conversations. Chat also now includes a new dark mode for those who prefer a more subdued look.

Another significant change is the integration with Duet AI. Duet is a powerful AI platform that can help users with tasks such as writing emails, generating reports, and translating languages. With the new Chat experience, users can access Duet's capabilities directly from within Chat. For example, users can ask Duet to help them write a meeting summary or translate a message into another language.

In addition to the new design and AI integration, Chat also includes many other new features, such as:

  • Spaces: Spaces are a new type of conversation that allows users to create and assign tasks, share files, and discuss projects in a central place.

  • Improved search: Chat's functionality has improved, making finding old messages and conversations more accessible.

  • New security features: Chat now includes several new security features, such as end-to-end encryption and blocking users.

The new Chat experience is rolling out now to all Google Workspace users. To start, visit the Chat website or download the Chat app on your mobile device.

What does this mean for tech companies?

The new Chat experience is a significant update for Google's messaging platform. The new design, features, and AI integration make Chat a more attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Tech companies can benefit from the new Chat experience in several ways. For example, companies can use Spaces to manage projects and collaborate with teams more effectively. Companies can also use Duet AI to automate tasks and improve productivity.

The new Chat experience is a welcome update for businesses seeking a modern and collaborative messaging platform.

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